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10.45-12.00 Students´ well being in a European and Finnish context. Helene Mariaud (European Students´ Union) ja Liisa Hyytiäinen (SAMOK) Ruusupuisto

13.00-14.15 WORKSHOP T4: Act like you care: This workshop consists of theatre games that are a little bit of Theatre of the Oppressed and a little bit of improv. The workshop participants will act out different real-life scenarios that are culturally sensitive, and they will work together to explore different possible solutions. Facilitated by Victoria Edes (JYU)

Disclaimer: 'Act Like You Care' is a piloting workshop for a master's thesis, so it will be video recorded.
Note: participants 15 max

19.00-20.00 The symphony orchestra of the University of Jyväskylä Sinfis performs a live soundtrack to Charlie Chaplin's silent picture "The Circus". 2019 is the 130th jubilee year of Charlie Chaplin's birth. The movie screening is provided by the Film Center of Central Finland. The event is a part of OHO!-scheme symposium seminar programme.


8.00-15.00 Dark Cafe bar PIMÉ CAFÉ (Agora-building D121.1)

09.30-10.30 Personal Impact-workshop. Personal Impact brings to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being for both, teachers and staff. Welcome to the participatory workshop to share your thoughts and ideas as well as to learn more about the philosophy and implementations of Personal Impact. 

10.45-12.00 KEYNOTE-presentation: philosopher  Frank Martela" Many students are at the risk of burning out. How to support both the well-being and study motivation of them? This lecture provides you with the latest research on intrinsic motivation and its importance for well-being as well as practical tools to support such motivation. (In English) Agora-building.



OHO! is a development project for promoting study ability, wellbeing and participation in higher education institutions in 2017-2019. It involves 11 higher education institutions and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The starting point of OHO! is to create optimal conditions for studying and take care of students.

The OHO! project promotes students' study ability and wellbeing by improving their participation in the study community. The project consist of three thematic entities:

GOOD START promotes the students' attachment to their studies and the higher education community. It develops orientation training as well as peer and teacher tutoring. It also creates ways to connect working life themes to guidance right from the start of studies.

PEDAGOGY FOR WELLBEING develops community-based pedagogy with training series for teachers. In addition, it designs research-based meters and analytics tools for wellbeing, motivation, participation and study skills.

HIGHER EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE creates uniform accessibility criteria based on national surveys of accessibility in higher education institutions. Furthermore, the entity develops pedagogical tools to promote accessibility.

Support OHO! has provided for students:

  • Courses and material
    • Online material for study orientation
    • Find Your Career online course
    • Personal Impact courses to support student wellbeing
    • Shared training for students and teacher tutors
    • Community-based pedagogy training for students and teachers
    • Material on psychological methods for Bachelor's and Master's thesis seminars to support the research process
    • University psychologists' online services
  • Self-assessment tools and surveys
    • Academic Study Skills Map - a self-assessment tool and analytics service for measuring academic study skills
    • Assessment and guidance tool for motivation to learn
    • Agency of University Students (AUS) Scale - a self-assessment online tool
    • Survey gauging students' self-regulation skills and progress of studies
    • AllWell? survey and individual feedback for students
  • Tutor Steps - a student's career model

OHO! has provided for teachers and student advisors:

  • Education and training
    • Online tools and training for teacher tutors
    • Community-based pedagogy training
    • Accessibility training
  • Concepts
    • Circular calendar planner for providing initial guidance
    • Concept for a network of developer teachers
    • Group guidance model for academic study skills
  • Services and materials
    • Agency analytics service to support pedagogy and guidance
    • Psychological methods support package for Bachelor's and Master's thesis seminars
    • Accessibility criteria and teaching mater